bernese mountain dog poodle mix

Hi Javin! Panzer is doing great! He is a big, goofy love. He's almost as big as my German Shepherd and weighing in at 58 pounds so far. He is wonderful and very respectful around my other animals (my chickens, rabbits), and LOVES all kids. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's strangely scared of other adults. He doesn't want anyone but family petting him, but we've been doing more socializing so I'm sure he'll grow out of it. He's just the best. Here's some pictures...

- Lisa Struppa

My husband and I just wanted to reach out and let you know how things have been going with Georgia (previously named Cayla). As you can see in the pictures, she has grown so much. She was 16.4 lbs at 2 months and is now 50 lbs at 6 months. She has brought us so much joy as we both lost our family dogs right before getting her. Everyone in our apartment building LOVES her and knows her name. Her coat is so full and the groomer said she seriously is the best mix they have ever laid their eyes on. Georgia is curious, silly, smart, and full of energy. She begins puppy training next week and we are so excited to see all of the skills she will pick up. She currently knows how to sit, give her paw, and lay down. Thank you so much for our sweet healthy girl! We couldn't be happier! 

- Bryana Gadis
pomsky puppy

We got our puppy last February and now could not imagine life without him. We love him he’s very playful and smart. Dealing with Walnut Valley was very easy and we had no problems. Our pomsky is a happy, healthy boy! 

- Nichole Renee Pfeiffer
pomsky puppy

Hi Javin! We promised we would send a picture and we are following up on that promise. Here is Conner (new name Benny) at 7 months... he will be 8 months on the 9th of October. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us when we adopted Benny. We couldn’t imagine him not in our lives today! He’s the sweetest boy, best cuddle buddy and loves to play fetch with his balls and sticks outside. His bright blue eyes always catch everyone’s attention! We love him so much and thank you again. We are so blessed!

- Maria Louise Mariotti
Jonathan Corey with bernedoodle

Hi, so happy to hear from you! I love that you are concerned and check up on the pups! He stayed Silas, we couldn’t picture him with any other name. He has a great temperament, he is in round 2 at school and smart as a whip. We can’t imagine our lives without him! He goes for neutering and hernia repair on October 7th, he weighs 60 pounds, he is great with our grandchildren, our bird, and our cat. 

- Jonathan Corey

Hi Javin! Here's an update on Auggie. He is a very sweet dog. He is very well behaved minus the fact that he eats way too many sticks. He is a comfort dog too. He loves laying on pillows, blankets, or even people when available. He also really loves car rides. We even made him his own platform for the backseat of my husbands truck so that he can be closer to us when we drive to my parents land 4 hours away. You could say he’s spoiled. He’s the perfect addition to our family! Thank you so much for your help with finding our perfect puppy!

- Auggie
Mini Bernedoodle

Hi Javin, I wanted to let you know that Rexford, now named Theo, is doing well. He loves chewing and sleeping, but is getting settled into his new life in Chicago. We’ll keep you updated as he continues to grow! Thanks!

- Rick Schepp
Mickey - mini Bernedoodle

Mickey arrived safely and we’ve had so much fun with him! Thank you!                                                                                

- Laura Allen

Hi Javin! Good to hear from you. We kept Sonny’s name. Seemed to fit him. Right now he is 32 pounds at 7 1/2 months. His personality now is opposite of him as a small puppy. He is pretty hyper! He loves everyone, but gets overly excited when he sees anyone. He’s a jumper! He gets so excited when people come over, he has to be crated. Speaking of crates, he has done excellent with crating. Have never had a problem with him sleeping at night. Potty training was a breeze. He was awesome. He is a very smart dog. We are working with a trainer that is wonderful. She just loves Sonny! How can you not with that face. His fur was almost 4 inches long in some places and he was shedding quite a bit, so we decided to have him groomed. I will attach before and after pics. So happy with our little buddy! Can’t imagine what we would do without him! I will add my favorite pic of him for you also.  And by the way, everyone thinks he is the cutest thing ever!

- Linda Mankowski
mini Bernedoodle

Buying a puppy over the internet can be a scary experience. Not with Javin! Our puppy Clover (Sakina) is a beautiful, loveable dog. The communication was clear, information about delivery prompt. She arrived at the airport in a nice crate. She was well socialized and exactly as promised. My 3 boys and I love her!

- Paul & Amanda Ehrenreich

My daughter Daniella wanted to give you an update on our mini Bernadoodle Syler (she named him Elvis!). She says he’s a genius and has already learned sit, stay, come, and leave it, and he sleeps through the night! House training is a process as it is with any dog, but he’s making progress and doing well! Daniella says she and her brother are madly in love with Elvis and couldn’t be happier with their puppy. They are constantly stopped on the street by people who want to know what his breed is and to ask to pet him! Thank you so much!

- Amit Solomon

Hi Javin, we are the proud new parents of Catima, now named Roxie.  I just wanted to thank you and tell you how wonderful she is.  We could not be happier!  Our first three days with her were spent on a lake in Northern Wisconsin.  She took a little while to come out of her shell, but she’s doing great.  She is still unsure of staircases and swimming (walking in water is fine!).  We have seen her stubborn side, as well as her playful and loyal sides.  We are very blessed to have her in our lives, and look forward to watching her grow.  Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!! 

- Kristi Hess

Just wanted to send an updated picture of the puppy I got from you. He is definitely a daddy’s boy. He's part of the family and loves everyone he meets. I take him to the petsmart on a routine basis. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him and comments on what a good looking dog he is. He is part of the family and has a loving but goofy personality. He is weighing in at 20 lbs. I would not trade him for the world!!

- Jarrod Goinz
Finn (Shiloh)

Finn is the happiest most loving dog I think I’ve every met. He’s so grown up now.  Just had to share.  Hope you and your family are doing well.                                                                                                                  

- Maija Belmar

Hi! We purchased Caynell (now named Lucy) last year (just had her first birthday)! I wanted to send some updated pictures and let you all know she is doing great! She’s still very spunky but sweet. Gets along well with our lab  and with other dogs and people in the neighborhood.

- Andrea Knox

He (Diego) is a very smart puppy. We crate trained him in less than a month. He is playful but not aggressive. He is fitting into our family nicely. We are happy to have him.

Our experience with Walnut Valley Puppies was perfect. Everything was just as we discussed. We toured the kennel and both parents were on site. Couldn’t ask for a better member of our family. Thank you for everything.

- David & Wendy Bell

Last night marked 1 week since Aria (Camber) has arrived home to us, making the greatest addition to our family. She is filled with such love, energy, and playfulness. She has very quickly became the center of attention, not only in our home, but everywhere else we go as well. She is often requested to visit our family members’ houses, she is always stopped and talked about at the pet store, and she turns heads wherever we take her. We could not have asked for a better puppy.

It is because of Walnut Valley Puppies that our family is complete just in time for the holidays. They were very easy to work with, answered all of our questions, and made becoming first-time puppy owners a very relaxing and assuring process. We are forever thankful to Walnut Valley Puppies for bringing Aria to us and providing us with the opportunity to love and care for her. We are very excited to see what the future holds for her. Thank you again!!

- Matt & Brianna Marsocci

Our new addition to the household is a pure joy to our daily lives and schedules, amended as they have been with his arrival. Wilber has been acclimating to our routines as well as our acclimating to his needs and activities. He’s the center of attention in our household and immediate topic of discussion with neighbors and friends when outdoors being walked and playing. Just a wonderful, adorable addition to the family.

- Michael Antos

To Javin and family,

Just wanted to take the time to thank you and your family for the amazing new addition to our family ! We adopted a beautiful blue-eyed female Pomsky from Walnut Valley Puppies back in November and she has brought so much happiness to out home! I never knew trying to find a dog would be so hard . Not realizing that people actually have scams about puppies made me very skeptical. I have to say Javin was very patient and helpful with all questions I had !! I am very thankful we found Javin and we now have KIANA , a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl ! She makes everybody's heart melt whenever we take her out. She is very energetic very loving . She loves everyone ! Whenever we take her out she is definitely in the spotlight , people have no fear and actually go right up to her ask for permission to take a picture and kiss her !! She is a true Beauty and I can't imagine life without her ! She is 16 weeks old and 11 pounds of love !

Again thank you Walnut Valley for my healthy beautiful pomsky !!

- Kirsten Dibenedetto


Here are some early pics of Skyler (now Boomer)... Love him desperately already!!!                            


- Josh Morgan

Here's some pictures of Mila. She's such a sweetheart! Our family loves her very much! We will be getting in touch with you after awhile to get a Male.

Thanks again for everything!

- Whitney Bringham


Just wanted to send you some updated pics of Gracie! She’s so good. She gets cuter everyday! I think she looks just like her dad, Ralph! She’s now 12 pounds and gets along great with our jack Russell. They are best friends! She just finished puppy school and will begin pre-beginners class in a couple weeks. She’s doing very good training. She potty trained pretty quick too (about 5 weeks). Everywhere we go we get compliments on her.

Just wanted to thank you again! We love her very much.

- Heather Pajak

Good Morning,

I just wanted to update you on our puppy. We have renamed him from Meldon to Tito. He’s doing very well. Just had his first vet visit last week and is all set up for future vaccinations. Healthy as can be and loving life!

Just want to thank you for blessing him into our lives he’s been a great joy and we are so happy with him! A few pictures to see his progress with us!

- Blakely Houghton

I wanted to update you on Winnie. She has made our family complete and we are so in love with her!!!

- Molly Moss

Hi Javin,

I just wanted to update you on Maldon, now named Keno. He is doing wonderful. He started going in and out of his crate on his own on the very first night and sleeps the entire night in it with no problems. He is very well adjusted to his new home already. He is eating great, loves to go for walks on his leash, and even started learning how to play fetch with my son. (See attached video) Potty training is a process but he is doing very well.

I wanted to thank you for all you did in helping us give him a new home. You went above and beyond for me to make sure I got to bring him home and I greatly appreciate everything. I would gladly recommend that anyone call you when they are looking for a puppy. I tell everyone what a wonderful experience it was. Thank you again. I will continue to update you as he grows. 


- Denise Balogh

Hey Javin!

I just wanted to follow up with you and tell you that we have been so happy to have Kizzie (Marlow) as a part of our family! He is 29 lbs now and isn't expected to get much bigger. He is loved by all the kids in the neighborhood as well as our other dog as he socializes very well with others. He has such a fun personality and loves to play and go on long walks. In general he is pretty quiet, but not shy at all! We are so happy to have him :)


- The Lesch Family

Day one went amazingly well. Just wanted to drop and line to thank you and your wife for such a wonderful day and amazing experience.


- Breanna Irvin

Hello Javin,

It's been a day and a half of pure pleasure. Sophia slept 6 hours through the night the last two nights. No whining, no barking. Amazing! She has adjusted beautifully to everything thrown her way. Great job on her socialization.

As you can see from the photos we are all madly in love with our new family member!

Thank you again for matching us up! She is wonderful!

I will update you next week after the vet's visit. I'll look forward to seeing your new website when it's up.

All the best, 

- Linda Kohler

Hi Javin,

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to update you on our beautiful boy Tucker.  I’m grateful that we didn’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle. He’s a wonderful (still crazy) puppy. He will be 9 months old on Thursday the 28th and we love him to death. He and Heidi get along so great – she has LOTS of patience that’s for sure.  Anyway, we hope all is well at Walnut Valley.

Have a great day!!

- Peggy Ryan

Saban is doing great (we named him Bernie).  He already seems very comfortable in our home and is taking turns cuddling with each of us.  Here he is with our nine year old boy, Owen!

- Kevin Rinker

Hey Javin, 

Hope that all is well. Just wanted to reach out and let you know how happy we are to have found you and the amazing Stella. To put it simply, she is absolutely perfect! In an instant, she became a perfect fit into our family. She is wonderful with all of my children and they all love her dearly. My wife and I both absolutely adore her. Her personality is just incredible and we are constantly saying to ourselves how lucky were are to have found her. We took some pics recently and I am attaching them here, she is just stunningly gorgeous. 

Again, just wanted to thank you, and your Dad of course for meeting us at the airport, for bringing Stella into our world. 


- Steven Lustig

Everything is great! Thank you so much again. We got him at the airport without any problems! 

- Nicholas Moreau

Here are a few pictures of River (Rita) daughter of Blizzard and Redeem. The best way we can describe is she loves to chase birds in the backyard, she is definitely energetic, stubborn at times but is great with commands, loves to cuddle, likes squeaky toys (she will squeak a toy, until she gets our attention, and loves walks! She even managed to hit the beach and get in the water! She is the youngest of the pack, but is the alpha. Thanks again for bringing allowing River (Rita) to bring so much joy into our lives! Merry Christmas!

Kindest Regards,

- Chris Savare

Javin, Thank you again for everything! Shilo aka Finn truly is a blessing. He is adjusting so well Here are some photos of him. I’ll keep you updated and send more as he grows up.

- Maija Belmar

Hello all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, Javin!

Here is a picture of Swift previously named Colton. We are so thankful to have this dog in our life. He is full of personality and loves everyone. Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful gift in this friendly fella.

- Carnell Roberts

I wanted to send you a picture of Bentley. He is only six months old. He is perfect!!!  As you might be able to see he hasn’t had his first haircut yet. We are waiting for his adult hair to grow in a little more. He is a big loving puppy.


- Mary Jo R.

Everest and Luka will be 8 months old on the 12th We are sooo happy and they are sooo happy!!! Everest is 17 lbs and Luka is 14lbs They are show stoppers EVERYWHERE we go. We LOVE our Walnut Valley Pomskies!!!! Merry Christmas 

- The Tallquists

Olive at the young age of 6 months – LOL – also known as the terrible twos! We absolutely adore her and dealing with Javin at Walnut Valley Puppies was sooooo easy. I was very fortunate that I got first pick!!! I would recommend anyone who was looking for a Bernedoodle to talk with Walnut Valley Puppies – they are very informative and a pleasure to deal with!

- Susan B.