Pomsky Puppies

Father: Ralph

Mother: Celina

Available for Adoption: February 19, 2020

Born: December 25, 2019

Father: Kenjie

Mother: Crystal

Available for Adoption: February 6, 2019

Born: December 12, 2019

Father: Kenjie

Mother: Renea

Available for Adoption: 02/08/20

Born: 12/14/19

What about a Pomeranian mixed with the beautiful Siberian Husky?  From the moment I heard of the possibility, I knew this was the type of dog I wanted!  I've enjoyed the journey ever since.

I often hear people say that they love the Husky but don’t have room for a large dog. Though Huskies are good with children, sometimes their size and exuberant nature can be too much for kids. Huskies are not always loyal. They are known to be friendly to the point that they’ll walk off with a stranger.  

Pomeranians are tiny, affectionate, and sometimes clingy to a fault.

Put the Pomeranian and the Husky together, and you have a beautiful balance – The Pomsky

The Pomsky is the right size, loyal without being clingy, family friendly, and intelligent.  How would you describe their looks? ADORABLE!

We know that the Pomsky can inherit undesirable traits as well, such as the Husky’s love of digging and chewing. Pomskies, like any other breed, have the potential of being poorly behaved.  Their behavior has a lot to do with how they are socialized, trained, and taken care of. My experience has shown that they are smart and learn quickly.

So if you’re looking for a small, outgoing, intelligent dog that is loyal to its family and loves to cuddle, keep going. You’re on the right track.

Welcome to the Pomsky world!

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