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Rosie ~ Mother
Rosie ~ Mother

Sammy ~ Father
Sammy ~ Father

Available for Adoption: October 29

Born: September 3

Sammy ~ Father
Sammy ~ Father

Queenie ~ Mother
Queenie ~ Mother

Available for Adoption: July 22

Born: May 27

The intelligent, sensitive Poodle combined with the calm, friendly Bernese Mountain dog - without a doubt an amazing adventure!  These sweet Bernedoodles have so much in their favor.

If you like the loyal, easy-going nature of the Bernese, but want something with even more intelligence, minimal to no shedding, and better health and longevity, look no further. You have found it in the Bernedoodle! I am still amazed at the beautiful personality of these hypoallergenic, family-friendly puppies.

Like the Bernese, the Bernedoodle is usually gentle with children. Because they like to work, they make great therapy dogs. They enjoy hiking, running, and playing. If you give them the chance, they will likely hop into the water with you.  

Although this blend of Poodle and Bernese produces smart, friendly, playful dogs, occasionally one may have traits of stubbornness or sensitivity inherited from the Bernese. Hence the importance of good socialization and training.

The Bernedoodle's nature is similar to the Goldendoodle. If you know about the Goldendoodle, you have a good idea of what a Bernedoodle is like in a lot of ways.

I wish you the best as you search for the “perfect-for-you” Bernedoodle!

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